higher chemistry

Higher Programme

This Higher Chemistry webinar programme consists of 14 LIVE webinars, each 30 minutes long. Targeted revision for the Higher exam in 2020.

These topics have been identified (by the SQA) as the most challenging to students in the Higher Chemistry final exam.

The live webinars will go out twice per week for seven weeks before the exam.

You can join at any time up to the exam and get the replays of the lessons you’ve missed.

Here’s what the 2019 Programme Timetable looked like:

TopicDate Time
Formulae, Moles & IonsSaturday 23rd March3 pm
Systematic Naming & General FormulaWednesday 27th March7 pm
Functional Groups & Homologous SeriesSaturday 30th March3 pm
Trends in PT & BondingWednesday 3rd April 7 pm
Drawing Apparatus & MeasurementSaturday 6th April3 pm
Standard Solution Preparation & Use Wednesday 10th April7 pm
Titration CalculationSaturday 13th April3 pm
Redox Wednesday 17th April7 pm
Redox Titration CalculationsSaturday 20th April3 pm
Condensation & Addition Reactions Wednesday 24th April7 pm
Reactants in ExcessSaturday 27th April3 pm
Calculations From Equations Wednesday 1st May7 pm
ChromatographySaturday 4th May3 pm
Shifting Equilibrium, Emulsifiers, Free Radicals Wednesday 8th May7 pm

Why This Works

These regular, short sessions focus your revision on the most challenging areas of the exam. Give yourself the specific help you need to pick up the marks that other students won’t.

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The price of this 14 LIVE webinar revision strategy is £249.

To access all 14 webinars, with ON DEMAND replay and membership of the private Facebook group, simply click the Buy Now button below. PayPal and credit or debit cards are accepted.

No risk if you change your mind…

Remember, if you change your mind before the third webinar, you’ll get a full refund.

Try the first two lessons and, if it’s not right for you, I’ll refund your money!

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