National 5 on paper with pencil

National 5 Programme

This programme consists of 14 LIVE webinars, each approximately 30 minutes long. Specific, targeted revision for the Scottish National 5 exam.

These topics have been identified (by the SQA) as areas that students find the most challenging in the National 5 final exam.

The live webinars ran weekly for fourteen weeks until 16th May 2020.

The next N5 Programme will start in September 2020. Enrolment is not yet open.

Here’s what the Programme Timetable looked like:

TopicDate Time
FormulaeSaturday 15th February2 pm
Formulae Equations & Balancing Equations Saturday 22nd February 2 pm
Shapes of Molecules / Covalent Bonding Saturday 29th February 2 pm
Drawing Formulae / Functional Groups Saturday 7th March 2 pm
Naming of Homologous Series Saturday 14th March 2 pm
Addition Reactions Saturday 21st March 2 pm
Electrochemical Cells Saturday 28th March 2 pm
Ion-electron Equations Saturday 4th April 2 pm
Drawing ApparatusSaturday 11th April2 pm
Acids: Formulae & pH Saturday 18th April 2 pm
Making SaltsSaturday 25th April2 pm
Nuclear Equations & Half-Life Saturday 2nd May 2 pm
Mole Calculations (mass & solutions) Saturday 9th May 2 pm
Titration Calculations Saturday 16th May 2 pm

Why This Works

These regular, focussed, short sessions allow your son or daughter to get the most from revision. They target the areas where students lose marks in the exam. Your child can pick up more of these marks.


The price of 14 LIVE webinars, ON DEMAND replays, 2 Zoom Q & A Calls and private Facebook group membership is £375.

If you’d like to discuss the programme, please book a time for a call.