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A Chemistry Tutor – On Demand!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a chemistry tutor on demand? No worries about finding a qualified teacher and fitting them in to your schedule? That would be terrific, don’t you think?

As a a parent you want to do the best for your son or daughter. Sometimes that means getting them a little extra help with their studying, when certificate exams are coming up. This can be especially important in difficult subjects like Chemistry. Often parents look for a chemistry tutor to focus revision on needed areas.

The Ideal Tutor

So, what should you look for in a chemistry tutor? At the very least they should:

  • Be good at teaching.
  • Know the course extremely well.
  • Have experience of the exam and its difficulties.

You would also hope the tutor relates well to your son or daughter and is available to meet up in an appropriate location.

What I Offer

Having successfully helped hundreds of students pass Chemistry exams, I have designed a new method of Chemistry tuition for National 5 and Higher Chemistry. Each course consists of 14 LIVE webinar sessions in the run up to the exam on May 10th 2019. In these short, but targeted, sessions I cover all the topics that students find most difficult in the final exam. As the webinars are live, students can ask questions that I can answer in real time.

Your son or daughter will get access to two 30 minute webinar sessions per week. After the live lesson, a link to the replay will be sent out by email. Your son or daughter can then watch the replay as often as needed: a chemistry tutor on demand! The webinars will be focussed on just what they need to learn to get the best grade they can in the final exam. If they have questions at any other time, they can post them in the private Facebook group. I will answer as soon as I see them.

Why Not Have A Look?

This programme started on Saturday 23rd March and ends just before the day of the exam on 10th May. Have a look at the N5 and Higher Timetables to see which revision topics are covered and when.

Remember you can join at any time until the exam. You’ll automatically get the replays of earlier lessons.

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