Mary McPhail Aberdeen Chemistry Tutor

Intensive Chemistry Summer Revision Programme

Do you have a son or daughter doing Chemistry next year?

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Are you worried?

Will they have forgotten a lot of the course they need to progress to the next level?

Do you think they’ll feel overwhelmed at so much to catch up on and find it more difficult to learn?

Exam years are already stressful, without that extra pressure.

How would you feel?

Imagine how much better it would be if your son or daughter was thoroughly prepared for the new academic year.

How much more confident would they feel? How much less stressed? With such a firm foundation, won’t they get the best grade possible when they sit the exam?

Don’t you want to give them the best chance you can for their future?

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I can help!

This June and July I’m running intensive online summer revision programmes for chemistry.

Each week, I’ll provide live webinars. Each student will be able to ask questions in real time and have on demand access to the replays.

The webinars will cover the chemistry basics needed for starting certificate classes in senior school.

In the current situation, many children will go back to school at a disadvantage. The chemistry curriculum is taught at a rapid pace, and there is a lot of content to cover. It assumes a lot of previous knowledge and without revision, many of those returning will not have it.
I have a teenage son myself. It hurts to see your child get overwhelmed at the idea of revision because they left it too late.
Let me help them avoid that.

With my extensive experience as a Chemistry teacher, helping hundreds of students, I know which parts of the curriculum students find most challenging. I can explain these difficult concepts in a way your son or daughter will easily understand.


Each programme of live webinars costs £495.
Please get in touch to see if one of these courses would benefit your child.

What parents say…

‘My daughter benefited from the sessions as they helped her structure her revision in the weeks leading up to the N5 Chemistry exam. Mary was always clear and responsive to any queries my daughter or I had.’
Moira Macdonald, Edinburgh