Chemistry revision online with mum and daughter

Online N5 And Higher Chemistry Revision

Welcome! Are you looking for help with Chemistry revision?

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Is your child sitting Chemistry exams next year? Perhaps they could benefit from some extra support to help them get more confident in exam technique?

Imagine how they’d feel if you could increase their confidence in the subject AND get a top final grade in the exam?

What kind of tuition does your child need?

There are two ways my Chemistry tuition can help your child: 1-2-1 tuition over Zoom, and Pre-recorded Chemistry Revision webinar programmes.

Tuition Available

TuitionSuitable forTiming
1-2-1S3 to S6Monthly, 1 session per week
N5 Webinar ProgrammeS4, S516 sessions, 30 min each
Higher Webinar ProgrammeS5, S616 sessions, 30 min each

1-2-1 Chemistry Tuition

1-2-1 tuition is the most popular choice. It’s helpful if your teenager lacks confidence in Chemistry. Or maybe they’re picking up the subject in S6 and need a refresher to get them up to speed on the basics from N5.

Chemistry Revision Programmes

There are Pre-recorded Chemistry Revision Webinar Programmes for National 5 and Higher students.

Prerecorded programmes are available all year round and are suitable for self-paced learning.

Online Chemistry revision with parents and daughter

Whichever type of tuition you choose for your child, I’ll take all the difficult bits of Chemistry and make them easy to understand!

It’s never too early to start Chemistry revision. The earlier you start, the easier it becomes. Remember, help is just a click away!

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what parents say…

If anyone is looking for a chemistry tutor I cannot recommend Dr Mary McPhail enough! She was amazing with Dylan he sailed through his exam and got an A 🙂
Sheryl Dickie, Aberdeen
I’d recommend Mary to any parent, carer or student looking to get chemistry tuition or support. Her style is relaxed, she takes the time to get to know each student and you can play back lessons if you missed anything.
Tony Brady, Aberdeen