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N5 Chemistry Tuition

If your child’s doing National 5 Chemistry…

Online N5 Chemistry tuition can make sure your child feels confident with the work covered in class, so that they’ll get the best mark they can in any school assessments.

In 1-2-1 tuition, I can target any topics causing them difficulties and give them tips on how to gain maximum marks with challenging exam questions.


Remember, tuition isn’t for everyone. To make sure it’s a good fit for your son or daughter, book a call with me to discuss it.

Price for 1-2-1 N5 Chemistry Tuition

The price of weekly tuition sessions is £250 per month, payable in advance. This provides one session per week. So, some months that’s four sessions in a month, other months it’s five sessions. It all depends on the number of weeks in the month.

Pre-recorded N5 Chemistry Webinar Programme

If your child prefers to work through revision at their own pace, my Pre-recorded N5 Chemistry Webinar Programme is available all year round. This means your teen has an on-demand set of videos, where I cover the most difficult parts of the course. There is a strong focus on answering exam questions to improve exam technique, as this is often overlooked in class.

What your child will get:

  • 16 short pre-recorded webinar replays, showing them how to answer tricky exam questions on all the difficult parts of the course.
  • Membership of the private N5 Chemistry Facebook group.
  • Lifetime access to all webinars replays, so they can watch as often as they need.
  • Access to me in the FB group, or by email, to answer questions or clarify anything they’re finding difficult.
  • 8 homework exercises and answers, covering all the topics in the programme.

I specifically cover topics identified (by the SQA) as the most challenging to students in the N5 Chemistry final exam. This means your child can pick up the marks most students miss when sitting exams.

Price of Pre-recorded Programme

The Pre-recorded Webinar Revision Programme, available all year round, costs £295.

Get in touch to discuss which options are available and which would be best for your child.